Mike Mohill’s City Council call about Ara Najarian’s censorship on Nextdoor

At the January 12, 2021 Glendale City Council meeting, Ara Najarian’s long-time political adversary, local community newsletter publisher, Mike Mohill called in to bring attention to the repeated censorship tactics practiced by the councilmember.

Mr. Najarian has a growing record of using such tactics on Nextdoor to prevent the greater Glendale public from viewing opinions that that reflect negatively upon him. In this case, it seems Najarian has taken a “community reviewer” position with Nextdoor so he can have greater leverage to remove posts from public view.

Note: I believe Mr. Mohill misspoke when he cited the title of the removed post. It was called “CALPERS’ Disability, The Abuse Of Power.”

I used to think that Mike Mohill and Ara Najarian were like Yin and Yang; polar opposites, but essential parts of the whole local political system.

However, they’re more like more like Spy vs. Spy.

One would think that a career politician like Najarian who is a Glendale City Council member, and Chairman of the LA County Metrolink Board of Directors, would find something better to do with his time than trolling social media web sites in an attempt to censor public opinion. Perhaps, serving the city that elected him? Apparently not.

Author: GCGW admin

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