Dan Brotman creates 50 second COVID-19 PSA; City unable to produce better in 10 months

At the January 12, 2021 Glendale City Council meeting, Dan Brotman stressed the need for better enforcement of our social distancing and face covering ordinances. Though not planned as such, 50 seconds of his comments provided a better COVID-19 public service announcement than our city produced late in the holiday season. The official video was a good effort, even if way too late. However, instead of a softhearted appeal to do it for community, Brotman was straight forward and to the point. People are dying from this disease and we are not taking it seriously.

Well done, Dan Brotman.

No expensive production. No scripts. No background music.

In the month preceding this post, Glendale has lost 136 lives to COVID-19. Total to date is 343.

According to LA County data (which excludes the city of Long Beach), we rank highest in deaths by area.

We also do not compare well among areas with the highest populations.

Dan Brotman’s pointed reminder was followed by recommendations for better enforcement of our local ordinances.

Author: GCGW admin

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