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GCGW on Nextdoor group: (accessible to those locally registered on ND)

City of Glendale

Twitter City of Glendale, CA @MyGlendale

Glendale City Council email and social media pages:

Mayor, Vrej Agajanian:

Councilmember, Dan Brotman:

Councilmember, Paula Devine:

Councilmember, Ardy Kassakhian:

Councilmember, Ara Najarian:

City Management:

City Manager*, Yasmin Beers:
Interim City Manager, Roubik Golanian:
City Attorney, Mike Garcia:
Chief of Police, Carl Povilaitis:
Fire Chief, Silvio Lanzas:
General Manager of Utilities, Steve Zurn:
Public Works Director, Yazdan Emrani:
City Treasurer, Rafi Manoukian:
City Clerk, Aram Adjemian:, Twitter @cogCityClerk


Glendale Coalition for Better Government Glendale C.B.G P.O. Box 10083 Glendale, CA. 91209-0083 (818) 934-1765

Glendale Environmental Coalition (GEC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for all.