Four Glendale Police Officers On Administrative Leave After Video Shows Them Beating 17-Year-Old

Warning: Graphic video

Interestingly, the above video implies that it was KCAL News who brought the incident to the attention of GPD. And, GPD only took action after the media informed them that the incident went public. Did our own police department not know what was going on within its own organization before the media brought it to their attention?

The 17-year-old shoplifting suspect was reportedly unarmed. In unedited versions of the video, the teenager can be heard saying, “I can’t breathe” while one of the officers is heard saying, “Stop resisting.” (Sound familiar?)

The title should be “Four Glendale Police Officers Bring National Shame to our City.” In two days, this incident has been viewed nearly 145,000 times in this Instagram post alone, and is viral on Facebook and Twitter. Every local media station is covering the story, and major media outlets nationwide are giving it coverage as well. Even a Google News search for “Glendale” returns results for “News about arrest, officers, and Glendale.”

For contrast, in the same two days, our City couldn’t attract 300 YouTube viewers to our most recent City Council meeting (the body that gives direction to, and makes funding decisions for, the Glendale Police Department).

Maybe after enough of this occurs, Glendale will wake up and do more than shake some fists and slap some wrists. But, as long as we neglect our responsibility to vote, we can expect more of the same (and most of it won’t be on video or make the news). Approximately 80% of Glendale’s eligible voters DON’T vote, and let the remaining 20% elect their leaders for them.

Remember, it was only one short year ago when Councilmember, Ara Najarian labeled Glendale’s candlelight vigil for George Floyd a “Trojan horse” on Facebook. His foolish (and incorrect) assumption implied it was designed to bring Black looting and violence into Glendale. He was sharply criticized for his veiled racism, and for his militaristic lingo which included using phrases like “gearing up” (expressing the expectation of police violence).

Ara Najarian's veiled racism

In addition to Mr. Najarian’s personal brand of racist fearmongering , he also sent a message to our police organizations with his irresponsible rhetoric. He was expecting a fight (one that never happened), and anticipated police violence.

Ara Najarian panders to the police unions to gain votes and maintain power.

Last year, when police organizations’ behavior and funding were coming under scrutiny nationwide, Najarian dug his heels in at a City Council meeting, pledging loyalty to our police without hearing any proposed reforms to the department. He seized on the unfortunate fad term “defund” to make himself appear pro-law enforcement. But those who can see through his facade know he’s really just pro-law enforcement votes, and pro status-quo maintenance.

Under Ara Najarian’s self-serving brand of leadership, what you see is what you get.

In this case, we see one of Glendale Police Department’s officers kicking an unarmed teenager’s head as if it were a soccer ball.

If we want to see more responsible and accountable law enforcement in Glendale, then we have to elect better leadership. — And you can’t do that if you don’t vote.

Author: GCGW admin

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