Glendale Housing Authority – September 1, 2020 (Spaghetti Western Style)

(Originally posted to Nextdoor September 4, 2020)

Generally this is a pointless, wasteful meeting that conducts little or no business. This one was different. Having accidentally clicked on it, I found it packed with all of the flavor of a spaghetti western movie. It has it all; the good, the bad, and the stupid. As usual, the heroes offer public service, and the villains offer bad analogies (which we’ll address during next week’s City Council ‘dark day’). For now, just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Comments from the post – used with permission:

“Not sure what they receive for attending this meeting, but there sure was a lot of Staff doing nothing. Great on Ardy for speaking up. It’s worth noting that Ardy Kassakhian and Dan Brotman both volunteered to cut their Council pay in HALF for the the sake of saving the City some expense.

Funny how Najarian used the ‘threat of social media’ tactic. Yasmin Beers did the same thing when Council was discussing fines for non-compliance of the face covering ordinance. That same enforcement lead to the arrest of three people in Glendale who were initially approached by police officers for not wearing masks. They were arrested after police discovered Fentanyl and Xanax, a semi-automatic handgun, passports and credit cards in various names, and warrants for the arrests of two of them.

I guess Najarian can’t differentiate Kassakhian’s move to save the Glendale citizens money, vs. Najarian’s obliterating a City Council meeting monthly so already overpaid Staff can have some paid time off. He’s not exactly a ‘straight-shooter’ when it comes to the honest truth.”

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