Ardy Kassakhian: Fundraiser for the Daughter of Glendale Resident, Elena Ledford

(Via Ardy Kassakhian, Facebook)

Councilmember Ardy Kassakhian posted to social media today to bring awareness to a fundraiser created for the 14-year old daughter of Glendale resident, Elena Ledford, who was found slain in a Pasadena park two days before Thanksgiving.

Kassakhian wrote: “Help if you can. Some of you may have seen this news story about the woman found in Hahamonga Park. I (and I’m sure many) didn’t realize it was a Glendale resident Elena Ledford. Police have apprehended the person they believe is responsible but this is an effort to raise money for her 14 year old daughter. Please give what you can.”

Ledford was a homeless outreach worker who had spent the last three years working for Union Station Homeless Services. The Los Angeles-based nonprofit set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Ledford’s daughter.

Fundraiser for the daughter of Elena Ledford: Organizer: Union Station Homeless Services, Organizer Pasadena, CA

News of the arrest made in this case can be found here (KTLA).

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