Artsakh Monument (AR) Launch, Sunday, November 15, 2020

Via Ardy Kassakhian (Facebook)

·Artsakh Ave., Between Broadway & Wilson, Glendale CA

· Hosted by Mashinka Firunts Hakopian

On November 15th, artists Kamee Abrahamian, Nancy Baker Cahill, Mashinka Hakopian, and Nelli Sargsyan will launch Monument to the Autonomous Republic of Artsakh in Glendale, CA, the site of one of the largest diasporic Armenian communities in the world. The augmented reality (AR) monument will be geolocated at the intersection of Artsakh Avenue and East Broadway, and will be viewable via smartphone through Baker Cahill’s free-to-download AR app, 4th Wall ( Speakers will include Sophia Armen (Writer), Ardy Kassakhian (Glendale City Council), Hayk Makhmuryan and Niko Shahbazian (Glendale Tenants Union), Carene Rose Mekertichyan (Actress, Writer, and Educator), Ara Oshagan (Artist and Curator at ReflectSpace), and Lousine Shamamian
(Gay And Lesbian Armenian Society). Social distancing measures will be strictly enforced.Donations to Kooyrigs, which provides transparent on-the-ground aid to those affected by the crisis in Artsakh, are strongly encouraged: To view the AR monument, please connect to wifi and download the 4th Wall app in advance of your arrival. Allow all permissions. 4th Wall does not collect any user data. Once on site, tap “Coordinates” and the artwork will appear overhead. Make sure volume is on for soundscape created by Nelli Sargsyan. Photos and videos can be captured by tapping their respective icons onscreen. For detailed instructions, please visit The launch of the monument takes place 11/15 at 4pm on Artsakh Ave in Glendale, between E. Broadway & Wilson.

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