Glendale Councilmember, Vrej Agajanian, breaks campaign laws

Glendale City Attorney confirms Councilmember Vrej Agajanian broke campaign laws: “We were advised of the use of City photos in that flyer a couple of weeks ago. We advised Councilmember Agajanian to cease use of the City produced photos in any future campaign material. He agreed and it is our understanding they have been not used since. If you have information it has been used more recently, please feel free to send us any evidence of such and we will follow up. Thank you for your email. Michael J. Garcia, City Attorney ● City of Glendale ● Office of the City Attorney 613 East Broadway, Room 220 ● Glendale, CA 91206 ● (818) 548-2080 ● Fax (818) 547-3402 ●

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