Partial list of candidates for Glendale’s June 7, 2022 election

At this time several campaign committees have been created for our next Glendale election. Four are for City Council, and one if for College Board Area 4. They are:

Anita Quinonez Gabrielian for Glendale City Council 2022
Ara Najarian for City Council 2022
Brotman for City Council 2022
Davis for College Board Area 4 2022
Elen Asatryan City Council 2022

Currently, of the three City Council incumbents with terms ending this cycle, Ara Najarian and Dan Brotman are confirmed running for reelection. Not yet confirmed running is Councilmember, Vrej Agajanian.
Two new candidates seeking to fill City Council seats in this election are Anita Quinonez Gabrielian and Elen Asatryan.

I expect more will be announced. However, I was unable to confirm a filing date deadline. All of the above committees were filed in the month of December, 2021. When I checked for this information on the City Clerk’s website ( I found only deadlines for the previous (2020) election.

Author: GCGW admin

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