Councilmember, Ara Najarian, who created “Dark Days” and “Winegate,” brings us ‘WhineFest’

At the July 13, 2021 City Council discussions on whether Glendale should provide public funding for Council election candidates, councilmember, Ara Najarian, revealed that he doesn’t like his job very much. Despite his creation of the City Council ‘Dark Days’ policy, giving himself and staff a day off by eliminating one City Council meeting monthly (with pay), he complains about the duties of being a councilmember and the time they require. Among his complaints are:

  1. Being an elected official is an “impediment” to his outside endeavors
  2. He doesn’t get paid enough to sit on Council
  3. Being elected is “bad news.”
  4. He believes sitting on Council should be part time, and finds his responsibilities time-consuming and burdensome.
  5. Being on Council interferes with his attorney practice.
  6. Other named nuisances include: Tuesday sessions, budget study sessions, ground breaking ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), Airport Commission, Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD), MET (as in METRO)
  7. It’s not a “bed of roses” and he works “like hell.”

Who knew that he suffered so much? It’s clear that expecting public service from Ara Najarian (which is the job of a councilmember) is asking far too much of him in his overworked condition. He’s apparently ‘spread too thin,’ which could explain why he’s focused on special interests instead of the greater community. It may also explain why he hasn’t been able to think of any long-lasting, social-serving ideas of what to do with our Measure-S sales tax dollars. Instead of investing it in the public’s quality of life with long-lasting infrastructure improvements, the best his overworked mind could conjure was an ice skating rink for $500,000.00, and a 45-minute fireworks display that disappeared in a puff of smoke — at a cost of $30,000.00-$40,000.00.

I believe it’s time we show him the compassion he deserves. So if you don’t care for Ara Najarian, you’ll probably vote for an alternative candidate for City Council in June, 2022.

However, if you truly do care for Ara Najarian, consider voting for an alternative candidate for City Council in June, 2022. After 16 YEARS on Glendale’s City Council, he really deserves the longest vacation voters can offer him.

Author: GCGW admin

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